a sensory speaker
interactions with technology today can be cold and routine. the wave speaker allows the user to have tangible interactions with the product, allowing for more playful daily rituals.
tactile interactions.
wave utilizes touchable textures to lead the user where to interact with it. various material breaks provide gentle yet clear visual cues.
speaker teardown.
I took apart an existing bluetooth speaker to get a better feel for proportions, internals, and the physical UI of a small speaker.
volume control.
wave features a textured dial that the user can twist to control the volume of their music. the dial is similar to a stereo's, allowing for precise and tactile sound adjustments.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
multi-purpose button.
pressing wave's button completes multiple actions. to turn wave on/off, the user will hold down the button. for pausing music, press once. double tap for skipping songs.
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