anamorphic lens
hard shell case
the Anamorphic Lens Adapter is Moment's first camera lens. the adapter attaches to your current lens and creates a cinema-level anamorphic effect. I designed a durable EVA shell to serve as protective packaging for shipping, as well as an everyday carrying case. check out the Anamorphic Lens Adapter here.
my role: create a protective carrying case for Moment's new Anamorphic Lens Adapter.
credits: Michio Papers, Jordan Wisniewski, Alex Stankie, RJ Lincoln, Audrey Louchart
rugged protection.
it was critical that the case could adequately protect the adapter lens, as well as house the 3 different adapter rings that come with it. I tried out a few different concepts, but was ultimately inspired by the existing format of camera bags. the use of velcro dividers to prevent scratching and protect the gear proved to be a durable and low cost solution. 
we were able to produce full-fidelity prototypes with our manufacturer. over a few iterations, I dialed in parameters such as color, logo lockup, case stiffness, and velcro strength. 
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